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Titanium Whistle
  • Titanium Whistle

    This Titanium Whistle is suitable for all outdoor activities, as well as emergency sitution, hiking, camping, and boating. 


    Designed in small size, but with adequate sound up to 130 decibels. It is highly portable and fit perfectly on your keychain, necklace or backpack indeed. Come with 5 styles, single pipe and double pipe. Great for every day carry!



      • Made of high quality of titanium, resistant to corrosion, non-toxic, non-allergenic, lightweight and durable.
      • Easy for EDC
      • Available in Bell shape, and Tube shape.


      • Body: Titanium TA2
      • Core:  Aluminum alloys


      • Bell shape: 45mm x 22mm x 10mm
      • Tube shape: 47mm x 10.5mm (radius)


      • Bell shape: 17.5g
      • Tube shape: 5.2g



    $76.00 Regular Price
    $45.60Sale Price
    Color: Burnt pattern
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