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Survive Filter
  • Survive Filter


    Survivor Filter - virus tested water filter for camping and hiking 

    Can also be used directly from a fresh water source and with a water bottle making the survivor filter the most versatile personal water filter straw available. Excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts who love hiking, camping and any extereme enviornment!


    • Better filtration removal of virus, Staph and bacteria.
    • Triple filtration consist with ultra Membrane filter, carbon filter and mesh PP fliter.  
    • 28mm tube connector which can connect to mouth straw or bladder
    • Special mouthpiece an integrated cap to keep the mouthpiece clean and prevents leaking
    • Use it with a canteen squeeze water through at a flow rate of 14 ounces (400ml) per minute


    • ABS outter shelf, Membrane filter, carbon filter and mesh PP


    • Forest green


    • 90G


    • 1000L


    After each used, please remove the mouth piece.  And let the fillers to dry up.  

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