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Multi Tool Knife
  • Multi Tool Knife

    Perfect for any job, and adventure or any everyday task

    Odds are when you were a kid you admired your dad’s prized multi-tool that he kept in a holster.  The Multi function knife is a best-selling multi-tools for a good reason: it packs more functionality, usability and utility into it’s streamlined and ergonomic profile than any other multi-tool out there.




      • Multi tools in one compact, well-designed and field-proven package
      • 440C stainless steel tools are hard-wearing and easy to maintain
      • Every function on the multi-tool is operable with one hand
      • Tools are accessible when the multi-tool is closed, similar to a pocket knife


      • Needlenose pliers/regular pliers
      • 440C knife
      • Wrench
      • Wiench nut
      • Philips screwdriver
      • Flat screwdriver
      • Small flat screwdriver


      • 440C Stainless steel


      • Length: 6.” / 15.5 cm
      • Closed Length: 4” / 10 cm
      • Thickness Length:  1" / 2.4 cm


      • 146g
    Color: Sliver
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