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Knives Sharpener
  • Knives Sharpener


    we want to make everyday life as simple as possible. Even when it comes to sharpening knives. It is a knife sharpener with four ceramic sharpening wheels. By dragging the knife through the wheels in order, the edge of the knife becomes as sharp as it was when it was new.  Now it's easy for you to keep your knives sharp - everyday.




      • This knives sharpener adopt the streamline ergonomic design, so it’s more convenience,safer and easier to use.T
      • There are 2 stages for your dull knifes, COARSE is suitable for sharping knife and FINE is suitable for polishing your blades to razor-sharpness.
      • Suitable for chef knife, santoku knife,throwing knives, steak knives, pocket knives, steel knives, outdoor knives, serrated knives, tactical knives, kitchen shears, kitchen scissors.
      • Have 2 sharperen degree to selected. 
        • 1) Standard sharperen is 30 degree
        • 2) Asian sharpener is 20 degree. 


      • when extended : 216mm x 83mm x 42mm


      • Steel
      • Ceramics
      • PP 


      • 2.53g
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