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Cobra Single-Blade Folder Knife
  • Cobra Single-Blade Folder Knife

    The classic single-blade folder re-imagined

    With the our Cobra knife, simple is significant. The titanium or titanium with Carbon fibre frame-lock construction is the simplest there is, with minimal moving parts and maintenance. The blade, made of VG10 tool steel, stays sharp longer than stainless and resists chips and abrasions. Simple is also beautiful, and this is a knife that you will use for a lifetime.



      • Drop point design for blade strength
      • V10 Steel blade for extra hardness
      • 6AL 4V Titanium Scale Type
      • 416 Stainless hardware with black-oxide coating
      • Right-handed orientation
      • Tip-down carry style


      • Titanium
      • Carbon fiber
      • Stainless steel
      • V10 Steel

      About V10 Steel

      V10 steel belongs to a family of alloys known as tool steel. Different alloys adapt the steel to particular tool applications: cutting, casting, forging. In general, due to its toughness tool steel is great for shaping other materials. The extra hardness of the V10 steel will keep the blade on your Cobra Knife sharp for longer and will also protect it from chips and abrasions.


      • 2.8” blade
      • 6.9” overall length



      Keep your knife sharp all the time. This is rule #1 for a reason. There are many tools and techniques for keeping your knife sharp; learn the one that works best for you. You should sharpen your own knives.


      If you get your knife wet, take a towel to it. All metals will corrode when wet for extended periods of time. Keep the grit and dirt out of your knife, especially out of the primary pivot area. If it moves, it needs to be clean, dry and lubricated (see below).


      Keep your knife properly lubricated. There are a lot of different kinds of lubricant out there, and you can choose the one the works best for you. We recommend something light, that won't carry a lot of grit.

      Model : Corba V10

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