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Camping Grill with automatic rotisserie set
  • Camping Grill with automatic rotisserie set


    What is better to have an Automatic Camp stoves for rotisserie for the summer!

    You will enjoy a relaxing grilling that is totally different from the past day. Just put in batteries or connect with a power bank, the roasting stick will automatically rotating over your BBQ grill.




      • Quality 304 stainless steel grill, and dimension is 155cm x 50cm x 85cm
      • Automatic grill for rotisserie, which can be connect with battery or power bank
      • Non stick gill pan
      • Additional side table 
      • Easy to clean by removing the inner tray
      • Hanging trays for cooking tools and seasoning
      • Lightweight construction and packable design
      • Cook for up to 5 ppl
      • Anti heat handle
      • Stable lock when carry around
      • Easy to clean


      155cm x 50cm x 85cm


      Quality 304 rust-resistant steel firebox and lid construction with high-temperature porcelain finish 




    Color: Black
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